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Steel bar heating equipment-Forever Furnace

What are the steel bar heating equipment?

At present, the steel bar heating equipment we use mainly includes gas furnace, coal-fired furnace, resistance furnace and induction heating equipment. Next, let’s briefly popularize it.

Steel bar medium frequency induction heating furnace is an energy-saving steel bar heating equipment, which uses electricity as the heat source. Compared with gas furnace and coal-fired furnace, the heating of metal bars is more uniform, and the surface oxide scale is less. Moreover, the equipment is highly intelligent, simple and convenient to operate, and no special person is required to take care of it.

How much is a set of steel bar medium frequency induction heating furnace?steel-bar-hardening-machine

People who have been in contact with the machinery industry will know that the price of steel bar induction heating furnace purchased directly from the manufacturer will be more appropriate, because middlemen are avoided. Moreover, you can enjoy complete after-sales service if you buy directly from the manufacturer, but not necessarily in the middleman.

As the medium frequency induction heating furnace for steel bars is an uncalibrated type equipment, it is used for heating round steel bars with production efficiency, and the equipment price is about 100000 to 1000000. Since the workpiece size and equipment configuration requirements to be heated by each manufacturer are different, we can’t give you a clear price. If you want to know the specific price of the equipment, please call us for details! The above is about how much a set of steel bar heating equipment costs. I hope it can help you.

The above is about how much a set of steel bar heating equipment costs. I hope it can help you. Through the direct supply of manufacturers, users can directly enjoy good after-sales service and induction heating technology services. As long as users who have purchased FOREVER equipment, we implement lifelong guidance service. New and old users who need it are welcome to visit our company.

Post time: 07-04-2022