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“Steel bar heat treatment furnace” makes steel industry full of vitality.

“Steel bar heat treatment furnace” makes steel industry full of vitality.

With the increasing environmental policy now, some steel industries are facing limited production or even shutting down. The iron and steel industry is facing urgent rectification. As a professional steel bar heat treatment furnace manufacturer, Hebei Forever should make an effort for the development of China’s steel industry. In view of the national environmental protection policy, a kind of energy-saving and environmental-friendly steel bar heat treatment furnace specially developed by Forever has changed the traditional way of steel heating and has become an environmental-friendly belt for the steel industry. Great changes have made China’s steel industry continue to be full of vitality.

Forever steel bar induction hardening and tempering equipment has a wide range of applications, including all kinds of hardware tools, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic components, steam fittings, friction fittings and other mechanical and metal parts of the surface, hole, local or overall quenching. For example, hammer, knife, scissors, pliers and all kinds of shaft, cam, sprocket, gear, valve, ball head pin and other parts of large machine tools and ductile iron quenching, many domestic manufacturers of sprocket and gear have adopted the company’s equipment for heat treatment.

Electricity is used as energy source in Forever bar heat treatment furnace, which is totally different from using natural gas. During the gas or coal heating process, smoke and dust will be produced, resulting in air pollution. Because electric energy belongs to green energy, will not cause damage to the environment and in line with the requirements of human society for environmental protection, so it is also the government at home and abroad to encourage the development of environmental protection technology development projects.

Steel bar induction heating furnace can improve working environment, worker’s working environment and company image, no pollution and low energy consumption. Compared with coal stoves, workers will no longer be exposed to the scorching sun coal stoves roasting and fumigation, but can meet the requirements of environmental protection departments, while establishing the company’s external image and the future development trend of the steel industry.

Selecting the induction bar heat treatment furnace will bring you higher product quality, more comfortable working environment and safer operating equipment to make your product quality and higher production. Just contact us at email


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