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Steel bar heat treatment equipment manufacturer

Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical Machinery specializes in the production of steel bar hardening and tempering furnace , with more than 20 years of production experience in induction heating and heat treatment industry. Yuantuo attaches great importance to the training of technical personnel and the improvement of the quality of heat treatment equipment, vigorously introduces domestic and foreign advance machining equipment, and strictly carries out production control in accordance with your technological needs. Achieve technology to drive production, quality based on the market, always adhere to quality first.

The steel bar heat treatment equipment comprises the following components: the steel bar heat treatment equipment comprises a storage rack, a quenching feeding machine, a quenching heating module, a quenching discharging machine, a straightening machine, a water spraying cooling system, a tempering feeding machine, a tempering heating module, a heat preservation module, a tempering discharging machine, a discharging rack and the like, The full-automatic control of the man-machine interface, the PLC and the industrial personal computer is adopted.

The steel bar heat treatment equipment is a continuous uninterrupted working mode, the control of the whole production line adopts a man-machine interface PLC and a touch screen, The operation is more stable and has the following characteristics:

1. When the steel bar quenching and tempering equipment is started, the starting of the transmission mechanism and each power supply can be completed automatically, and the reasonable matching of speed and power rise can be realized automatically. During the operation of the production line, the power of the heating power supply can be dynamically adjusted to minimize the temperature fluctuation of the quenching and tempering.

2. The setting, storage, adjustment, modification, statistics, printing and other functions of the process parameters of the control system are complete.

3. The system has a closed-loop function such as temperature, current, voltage and the like, so as to ensure that the tempering heat treatment line is operated according to the best process parameters, and the product quality is guaranteed not to be influenced by labor and environmental factors.

4, The heating is uniform, the toughness of the steel bar after the heat treatment is strong, the wear resistance is high, and the steel bar meets the requirements of the state.

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