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Steel ball hot rolling furnace manufacturer

Hebei YUANTUO mechanical and electrical induction heating equipment factory mainly produces and sells ball hot rolling heating furnace. For many years, YUANTUO mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. has always been at the forefront of the field of intelligent induction heating equipment, providing high-tech ball rolling heating equipment for customers. YUANTUO mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to providing users with reasonable and constructive technical solutions for ball induction heating furnace. Welcome to contact us!

Since 2009, YUANTUO has independently developed a set of 2500kw ball hot rolling heating furnace. So far, YUANTUO has rich experience in the design, production and manufacturing of ball rolling heating equipment. The length of heating steel bar is not limited. Teletronic can realize the automatic production of steel ball induction heating furnace controlled by PLC closed-loop according to the needs of customers.


Technical performance of YUANTUO electric steel ball hot rolling heating furnace:

According to the test results and operation practice, YUANTUO mechanical and electrical steel ball rolling heating equipment has a variety of performance characteristics:

1. It has the characteristics of continuous 24-hour production heating and has stable and better energy saving and environmental protection effect;

2. The heating speed is fast, the heating efficiency is high, the burning loss rate of workpiece heating is low, which is more energy-saving and energy-saving than traditional equipment;

3. Suitable for hot rolling and heating of metal steel bars of various materials;

4. The induction heating equipment of medium frequency furnace is highly automatic, which reduces the labor intensity of workers;

5. There is no high temperature around during operation, which improves the working environment;

6. The heating equipment for ball rolling improves the working efficiency, the heating time is fast and the thermal efficiency is high;

7. The steel ball induction heating electric furnace has simple structure and convenient installation, which has been affirmed by relevant departments.

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