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Stainless steel induction heating furnace

Stainless steel quenching furnace is one of the  Heat treatment furnace with good sales volume in recent years. It uses electromagnetic principle to heat treat metal steel, which can meet the high-quality processing requirements of users. By virtue of its special heating mode, high-quality processing characteristics, it can realize intelligent, efficient, low-carbon, environment-friendly production and other production processing, meeting the high-quality production characteristics of users.


1. The heating effect is upgraded again, and the production capacity is stronger. The remote electromechanical stainless steel quenching furnace adopts electromagnetic principle to produce and process, and the equipment adopts mechatronics structure design. The whole equipment has high production performance, short heating time, fast heating speed, reliable processing quality, no waste gas smoke and dust pollution on the stainless steel surface.

2, the heating temperature is more accurate and the benefit is higher-the closed loop temperature control system is adopted in the Yuantio electromechanical stainless steel quenching furnace, and the far infrared thermometer is used to monitor the heating temperature of metal stainless steel in real time. the system can automatically adjust the power supply power and ensure that the power is always kept within the target heating temperature range.

3, the production economy and environmental protection is more healthy-Yuantuo mechanical and electrical stainless steel quenching furnace adopts sealed design, the production process will not produce dust overflow, the whole processing process to achieve dust-free, exhaust gas waste smoke and other substances produced, the production can achieve environmental protection operations!

4. The price is more reasonable, and the after-sales service of the manufacturer shall be guaranteed. The high-pressure electro-mechanical stainless steel quenching furnace is developed and produced by the far-end electromechanical active absorption and learning foreign advanced technology concept and combined with the manufacturing experience of the domestic induction heating equipment, and is produced by the high-pressure electro-mechanical processing workshop in a unified way, The market price is more cost-effective and more reasonable than the market price, and the factory-made stainless steel quenching furnace is directly sold by the manufacturer for after-sales, and provides technical support and more spectrum. The product is guaranteed!

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