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Stainless steel induction heating equipment

The stainless steel Surface induction quenching equipment is one of the commonly used equipment in the hot processing of industrial stainless steel materials. At present, the quantity of machinery and equipment in the market is very large and the model is relatively complete.

Stainless steel quenching furnace as an important mechanical equipment to improve mechanical properties of metal steel, it is very necessary to understand stainless steel quenching furnace. The production capacity, price and processing quality of different types of stainless steel quenching furnaces are completely different. When choosing stainless steel quenching furnace, users should make it clear whether the selected type of metal heating equipment can meet the actual production needs. If the stainless steel quenching furnace can not meet the production requirements, the manufacturer of metal heat treatment equipment can be consulted according to their own actual process requirements. What kind of stainless steel quenching furnace is suitable for production requirements and so on.

Induction heating equipment Analysis at present,  heat treatment equipment manufacturer in the market have generally begun to use induction heating equipment into production. At present, the state advocates energy saving and environmental protection, resulting in a large number of heat treatment processing manufacturers forced to limit production or even stop production because of environmental protection, and this new stainless steel quenching furnace, induction heating equipment will not have such a problem, its use of electromagnetic principle heating. Through induction coil, heat is produced directly from stainless steel in non-contact form, and no waste gas, smoke and dust will be produced in the process of processing, so as to realize green production. The whole induction heating equipment adopts PLC and touch screen centralized control production, which really realizes “one-button” production and processing, and has high automation, mechanization and intelligent production capacity.


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