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Stainless steel induction heating equipment

Stainless steel is a kind of metal material with very wide application. With its excellent performance, it is widely used in the fields of mining machinery, building materials, petroleum machinery and other fields, and more and more manufacturers have recently invested in Induction heat treatment equipment . The special metal heat treatment equipment needs to be used for the heat treatment of the stainless steel, and the market-based induction heating equipment has a variety of models and a great price. How much is the set of induction heating equipment?

Specific performance advantages:

1. Three-dimensional structure, occupy space small whole machine adopts electromechanical integrated structure design, occupy a small area, occupy less space, mechanism system is strong, from feeding, conveying, heating, cooling, cutting and other whole production process, design scientific, smooth operation.

2. Mature technology, high screening rate induction heating equipment technology is mature enough, uniform heating temperature, reliable processing quality, stainless steel surface will not produce oxide, burning and decarbonization and other substances to achieve high-quality production.

3High quality material selection, reliable operation of important components are using high-quality steel, wear-resistant parts are using high-performance wear-resistant materials, high wear resistance of the whole machine, reliable operation.

4. Centralized control, easy maintenance The electrical system adopts centralized control, the production workshop can basically realize unmanned operation, and the maintenance is convenient, the production saves energy and electricity, the operation cost is less, and the maintenance is introduce

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