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stainless steel 304 induction hardening, stainless steel induction heating

stainless steel 304 induction hardening, stainless steel induction heating


We manufacture stainless steel 304 induction hardening machine that can bear very high temperatures efficiently. Used in a wide variety of applications like metal heating,metal hardening,metal tempering,metal annealing. The main customers belong to the iron and steel industry. The Inside of the stainless steel 304 induction hardening machine is constructed with best quality raw material.

Forever induction heating equipment series:

Induction heating bars,billet,slab for forging

Induction hardening stainless steel 304

Induction billet heater,induction billet heating furnace

Steel pipe induction hardening and tempering

Oil casing hardening and tempering

Steel ball production line with forging,hot rolling process

 Forever service for induction heating equipment

1. Reply your inquiry within 24 working hours

2. Experienced engineer instruct and sales communicate with you in fluent English.

3. According to work pieces dimension, heating requirements,suggest best solutions,also reference your ideas.

4. Machine details and working video link for your reference

5. Competitive price ,compare with the same industry

6. Production: strict quality standard, to produce machine and induction coils.

7. Debugging machine and only good machine will be sent.

8. Tracking goods shipping and provide bill of lading,invoice,packing list and other documents what you need

9. Provide install and technology instruction by sending drawings, email, or telephone,video.


Steel ball production line     induction heating round bar     induction heating steel pipe

induction heating steel billet     induction bar heating system     steel billet induction heating

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