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Solve 80% of the failure of induction equipment repair knowledge

 Solve 80% of the failure of induction equipment repair knowledge

In fact, the maintenance of induction hardening and tempering equipment is not difficult because the entire equipment components are fixed. Most of the technicians around us repaired with experience. There is no theoretical guidance is very troublesome. I want to write something and hope to improve myself. According to this article, it can repair 80% of the IF induction hardening and tempering equipment.

The parts which are easily broken for induction hardening and tempering equipment:
The thyristor short circuit is a device for inspection easily, but you must be exercised in the soft breakdown of the thyristor. Soft breakdown can not measurable in the circuit. The general phenomenon of SCR soft breakdown is that the reactor has a very heavy sound.

2, water cable
The failure rate of the electric heating equipment water cable is broken, and it is more likely to be overlooked when it is not broken. Of course, judging the sound of the medium-frequency heating electric furnace is an indispensable skill in the maintenance of the induction hardening and tempering equipment ! Listen to the sound to determine the reactor’s sound is generally rectified, the sound screaming is generally inversion. The use of a multimeter is very important, we can not always bring an oscilloscope to the scene.

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