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Slab Online Raising Temperature Heating Furnace

Slab Online Raising Temperature Heating Furnace

Forever Furnace is one of the leading manufacturer of induction heating equipment in China,which has more than 16 years of experience.In recent years,Forever Furnace are exporting more and more induction heating furnace overseas,especially slab online raising temperature heating furnace.One Taiwan customer place an order of 2500 KW equipment and are very satisfied with our product and service.At present,our equipment are running very well in Taiwan customer factory.

The most important factor that this customer will choose us as their partner is that we are not only supply superior slab online raising temperature heating furnace,but we also give our customer the following service commitment:

1.Once you buy our slab online raising temperature heating furnace,we will arrange one technician and one sales person to serve you.

2.We will provide the complete set of technical document along with the heating furnace.

3.At the same,our engineer will go to your factory to help you install and adjust the equipment.Also he will offer a technical training for your operator.You needn’t worry that your operator don’t know how to run our equipment because our equipment is fully automatic.You only need to start the control system.

4.We will also provide a list of spare parts free of charge.

5.If there is problem that must be solved in the factory,we will send technician to solve within 48 working hours.

6.For the new slab online raising temperature heating furnace,we will call to know running status of the equipment and instruct you to solve the relevant problem.

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Post time: 01-08-2016