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Siemens PLC control Induction billet heater

Siemens PLC control Induction billet heater 

When buyer choose induction billet heater temperature control is what their concern. If induction billet heater system has accurate temperature control for the billet heating temperature, the user can monitor and control the heating billet heating temperature.

Actually, in the billet heating system, only infrared thermometer is not enough, Forever has closed-loop temperature control for the system. When the infrared thermometer measure the heating temperature, it will send a signal to the power supply, and then the power supply will adjust the power to get the required temperature. And our technician has set the program in the Siemens PLC remote console, so the user needn’t to do anything, only start the system, the induction billet heater will start to work as the program.

Except the temperature control system, Forever induction billet heater system includes IF power supply, induction heater, capacitor and roller conveying device.


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