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At present, the Induction heat treatment equipment  industry has begun to enter a more mature stage, which can meet the actual needs of different users. There are many slab heating furnace plants, and its products are not only universal, but also have their own characteristics. Remote electromechanical induction heating equipment technology has abandoned imitation, continuous improvement. In recent years, the development of slab heating furnace is very rapid. with the increasing demand for induction heating equipment in the market, induction heating equipment will make great progress.

The technical improvement of slab heating furnace is reflected in four aspects. Most of the domestic slab heating furnace manufacturers follow the imitation road. Some manufacturers have made great improvements while adopting foreign advanced technology. So how on earth is the induction heating equipment improved? The technology of slab heating furnace is embodied in the following four aspects: the control core part: the control part is the core part of the intermediate frequency heating equipment. The advanced high-speed digital signal processor is used in the remote extension electromechanical system, and the special chip is used as the auxiliary processor. Second: inverter device: adopt high efficiency and fast resonance control mode, inverter efficiency is more than 95%, host power factor is more than 0.9, high order harmonics are very few, do not pollute power grid, do not pollute environment. Third: the success rate of startup is high: because of the use of series inversion technology, it is easy to start, can achieve reliable frequent startup, or heavy load startup. 4. The induction heating equipment adopts DSP control technology, which has very high processing speed, ensures the efficient and orderly operation of all functions of the device, and has real-time operation function and real-time simulation and simulation ability. compared with the conventional processor, the accuracy of control and measurement is obviously improved, the limit, the speed and reliability of protection are enhanced, and the function of data processing and display operation is greatly improved.

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