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Round billet induction heating furnace solution from Forever

Round billet induction heating furnace solution from Forever

     Forever round billet induction heating furnace has mature induction heating technology and powerful after-sales service. Especially in the round billet induction heating before rolling steel balls or rebars, Forever has many successful cases and is very familiar with the process. If you are in this line for looking for billet induction heating furnace, Forever will be your first choice. 

    Forever can give you standard configuration for the billet induction heating furnace or give customized design as per user’s requirements. Fore example: ø30mm billet induction heating furnace

● Application:Induction heating before rolling rebars

● Round bar size: ø30mm

● Production capacity: 3 tons per hour

● Heating temperature: 900

● Power designed: 1000KW

    Temperature control mode: Closed-loop temperature control, the power supply will automatically adjust the temperature through adjusting the power when the temperature is too high or too low.

   Mechanical mode: Pinch roller and transportation roller table. 

   As the specialist of medium frequency heating equipment in China with 13 years of experience, we are ready to provide you with the most cost effective solutions.


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