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Round billet induction heating furnace proposal supplier China

Round billet induction heating furnace proposal supplier China


Forever round billet induction heating furnace is used in the bar diameter of 5-300mm round bar preheating before rolling, which has  characteristics of high efficiency, stability, fast heating and less oxidation.

Round billet induction heating furnace technical parameters

Equipment Name: Round billet induction heating equipment

Equipment power: 200-8000Kw

Workpiece material: 65MN 60MN 70Cr2 B2 B3 40cr 45 #

Equipment specifications: Customized according to the actual needs of customers

Round billet induction heating furnace features:

● Conveyor roller and pinch roller: The rollers between the furnace are made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled, other parts of the rollers are 45 steel and surface hardening.

.● Induction heater design: variable pitch, the design of preheating section, heating section, constant temperature section is more energy efficient.

● Infrared temperature measurement: In the discharge side setting the infrared temperature measurement device, so that the round bar temperature before charging the mill is within the standard.


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