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Require quality billet induction heating furnace ? Email

Require quality billet induction heating furnace ? Email


WIth 13 years experience in designing and manufacturing induction heating furnace, Forever is the specialist of billet induction heating furnace.

Forever features of billet induction heating furnace

1.The heating speed is fast, oxidation is less.

2. Well-designed and high degree of automation: The billet induction heating furnace has achieved automatic feeding and discharging, and all the actions are controlled by Siemens PLC.

3. The induction furnace body replacement is simple: According to the size of the workpiece, there is different size of induction heating coils.

4.Low energy consumption and no pollution. Compared with other heating methods, induction heating has the advantages of high heating efficiency, low energy consumption and no pollution. All the indexes can meet the requirements.

5.Each roller is drived by one set of import motor, independent frequency converter control, so that billet can be heated uniformly during conveying.

6. The output and output system are controlled by imported independent motors. Contact-Us-Banner-1024x243-copy-copy

Overseas manager: Tom Wang

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Specialist of induction heating system in China; Glad to be your business partner in induction heating field.

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