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Require long bar heat treatment line ? Contact Forever!

Require long bar heat treatment line ? Contact Forever!

Forever long bar heat treatment line includes bar storage platform, feeding machine,induction heating for quenching, straightening machine, water cooling system, tempering feed machinery, tempering heating module, holding module, using rational man-machine interface. PLC automatic control.If you are looking for induction heat treatment equipment for long bars either quenching or annealing, please contact us !

Long bar heat treatment line advantages:

1.Intelligent induction heating power supply cabinet than other manufacturer, Auxiliary equipment investment is less.
2.The frequency can be up to 200KHZ.
3. 100% load duration, 24 hours running;
4.Constant current / constant power control function, higher heating efficiency;
5. Output power, frequency and current are all displayed;
6. Forever long bar heat treatment line can automatically adjust temperature and holding time to improve the repeatability of workpiece heating quality, simplify the operation of workers.

The company offers you the following after-sales service free of charge
1.Free door-to-door installation & debugging
2.Free technical training.
3.Free to guide the processing of different workpieces and various inductors manufacturing technology
4. Within the warranty period, free to provide spare parts for long bar heat treatment line.


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