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Reliable performance advantages of induction heating equipment!

At present,Induction heat treatment equipment  is a very popular Metal heat treatment equipment in heat treatment industry, because of environmental protection construction, induction heating equipment ushered in a hot period. Intermediate frequency heating equipment is favored by users because of the transformation of electric energy into heat to realize pollution-free green heat treatment of metal work-pieces. As a new type of intermediate frequency heating equipment, induction heating equipment has a high degree of intelligence. It can automatically adjust the power supply in the production process to ensure that the heating temperature of the work-piece meets the technological requirements.

The performance characteristics of induction heating furnace: induction heating equipment structure is reasonable, reliable performance adopts mechatronics structure, according to the user’s workpiece size, process requirements and output requirements for custom production, electrical components are selected from international famous brands; Intelligent control, simple operation: the induction heating equipment is controlled by PLC programmable system combined with touch screen to realize automatic feeding, blanking, heating, running speed and so on, which has a high degree of intelligent mechanization and reduces the labor cost of users. Reasonable matching, efficient production of a complete set of induction heating equipment is basically composed of intermediate frequency power supply, automatic feeding, blanking rack, induction heating module, storage rack and central control system. After that, the whole equipment can also be produced online with other mechanical equipment to improve the production efficiency of users. Induction heating equipment produces environmental protection, energy saving induction heating equipment uses electric energy to heat treatment metal work-piece, in the production process will not produce waste gas, dust and noise pollution, is a kind of medium frequency heating equipment to meet the requirements of environmental protection. Because the heat of induction heating technology is generated from the inside of the work-piece, the heat utilization efficiency is high, and the energy saving is more than 20% compared with the traditional tube high frequency equipment.


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