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Quenching heat treatment equipment-automatic intelligent control

Remote machinery mainly produces heat treatment quenching equipment,Medium frequency heating equipment,medium frequency induction heat treatment equipment. The quench heat treatment equipment independently developed by remote electronics adopts automatic and intelligent control system, which has the advantages of simple operation, one-button start-up function, and can run a complete set of quenching heat treatment equipment. Induction heating equipment for non-calibration type equipment, according to your process requirements tailored for you, welcome to the company to investigate and visit, induction heating equipment success stories, for your reference!

Quench heat treatment equipment-automatic intelligent control system simple solution

1, quenching heat treatment equipment process control, using the system’s superior parameter setting and control function, The production process of induction heating equipment production line is optimized and recorded in the system. The speed and heating power of running workpiece in heating and heat treatment process are directly controlled by this parameter, and the reliable matching between heating power and operation speed is realized.

2, induction heating furnace linkage control, the related parts of the equipment to be controlled interlaced to meet the quenching heat treatment equipment in the process of heating process requirements.

3, monitor during the production of quenching heat treatment equipment, touch screen display function, = color picture dynamic display system parameters curve, such as heating line speed, voltage, current, set power, heating temperature and other parameters.

4, the process management in the production process of quenching heat treatment equipment, this system makes full use of the fully automatic and intelligent control form of PLC of man-machine interface, the superiority of computer, the heating technology of all kinds of metals, quenching technology, etc. Process parameters such as tempering process are stored in the computer so that when you change the size of the workpiece, you can reduce the adjustment time and improve the production efficiency.

5, data management in the production process of induction heating equipment, record historical data, set up running database, file and manage the user’s processing program, process parameters and so on. Historical data can be converted into file files, retrieved and displayed graphically, and various real-time reports can be made.

6, the quench heat treatment equipment alarm monitoring display, with the power supply circuit, mechanical transmission circuit, circulating cooling water system and other parts to carry out omni-directional monitoring, When any circuit inside the abnormal or operating conditions change to prompt or alarm, the user can according to the alarm prompt processing to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

7, networking function: the system can use other computers to monitor the operation of the entire induction heating equipment system in different locations.

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