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Quenched non-deformable steel plate equipment _ look for yuantuo mechanical and electrical!

steel billet induction heating system quenching production line is used for replacing the traditional induction heating equipment by means of induction heating, And the purpose of reducing the pollution, reducing the production period and ensuring the product quality is achieved.

The traditional inductor is similar to the toroidal inductor. The distribution of the current in the inner part of the inductor ring and the outside of the inductor is very small, which will result in the low heating efficiency. In order to improve the heating efficiency and ensure the heat treatment quality of the parts, Hebei Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Through repeated tests on the workpiece, the product success rate of the test is very high, and the deformation problem of the steel plate during quenching has been solved. The remote mechanical and electrical equipment has been used to control the steel plate by means of the American Raytay thermometer, and the heating has been uniform. The quality of operation is stable and the problem of quenching deformation is completely solved.

The steel plate quenching production line can completely solve the problem of parts quality through the new process. Using induction heating instead of traditional heating can reduce environmental pollution, shorten the production cycle and reduce the production cost.

Hebei Yuantuo specialized in induction heating equipment production supplier, its steel bar quenching heat treatment equipment, steel rod quenched and tempered heat treatment production line equipment, steel pipe quenched and tempered heat treatment equipment, Rebar quenched and tempered heat treatment equipment and other metal workpiece induction heating equipment is the main heat treatment equipment. Founded in 1999, Yuantuo has 20 years of experience in induction heating equipment. According to your workpiece parameters, process requirements and so on, we can customize the suitable steel sheet quenching furnace for you in detail. All with the customer’s interests as the center, maximum increase in your production efficiency.

With advanced quenching equipment technology, excellent product quality, perfect after-sales service to win the market. In line with the “continuous innovation, the pursuit of quality” principle. With tomorrow’s science and technology serving today’s Chinese society, the factory now has a production and R & D team composed of outstanding personnel in an industry, constantly promoting and bringing forth new ideas, taking the individual needs of customers as the basic starting point, and strictly in accordance with the national standards. With higher energy conservation and reliability is popular with users.


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