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Purchase Attention:Power+Quality+Technology+Component+Service

Purchase Attention:Power+Quality+Technology+Component+Service

In recent years,there are more an more induction heating equipment manufacturer in China.But how to select the induction heating equipment correctly?Believe this question is in the mid of the purchasing persons all the time.Now let Forever Furnace give you suggestions.

Five Judgement to Select Good Quality Equipment:

  •  Judge the actual status of marking power

As we all know,the more larger power,the higher price.Thus,many manufacturers will mark wrong power or mark larger power than actual ones.But you needn’t worry this point if you buy our equipment.Because our power is the real and we will give clear label for each induction heating equipment.

  • Define the quality of induction heating equipment

As the real manufacturer,we should put the quality in the first place.As the buyers,they want good quality products but lower prices.Forever Furnace can not only supply good quality induction heating equipment,but we are induction heating system specialists with over 16 years of  experience who can provide the most suitable and energy-saving induction heating solutions.

  • Distinguish whether the internal components are good or not

Driving by benefits,many manufacturers will use cheap and inferior internal components for the induction heat treatment equipment but with gorgeous shells.Even some manufacturer will use mechanical recycling parts.These induction heating equipment or induction heating system will break down frequency.It will take you time and money to repair them.In this case,you’d better buy good quality induction heating equipment costing reasonable price.

  • Select after-sales service

At the same time,it is also very important that you should survey the after-sales service of the supplier.Do not select the supplier without after-sales service even they can give you cheap price.Our company is a professional manufacturer integrate production,sales and service.Once you buy our induction heating equipment,our engineer will install and adjust the equipment in your local factory and give technical instruction and training for the operators.In addition, we provide long term technical service and spare parts support !!!

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Post time: 01-08-2016