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Professional supplier of induction heat treatment furnace, contact Forever!

Professional supplier of induction heat treatment furnace, contact Forever!

Forever Electromechanical Equipment Factory is a high-tech enterprise devoted to the research, production and sales of induction heat treatment furnace for heat treatment of bars, rods, pipes and plate. After years of efforts, we have developed a series of perfect induction heat treatment furnace to meet the different needs of the vast number of users, gaining a high status in the industry.

Forever makes full use of cutting-edge advanced technology and management philosophy, combined with contemporary industrial advanced manufacturing technology, provide the top quality induction heat treatment furnace with reliable performance.

Now intermediate frequency induction heat treatment furnace has been applied to more and more industries, but also more and more enterprises is involved in the field of induction heat treatment furnace. Our company focus on the development and application of various fields of induction hardening and tempering equipment and surface quenching solutions, with the continuous development of industry, induction heating technology will continue to improve, the scope of application is also expanding.

Forever induction heat treatment furnace is widely used in heating and heat treatment of steel bar, steel pipe, rod (sucker rod, piston rod, torsion bars,automotive stabilizer bar, etc.), plate, billet and other parts.The equipment has functions of continuous heating, local heating, module heating and so on.

The induction heat treatment furnace is using PLC and frequency control system to achieve workpiece positioning, scanning, and online temperature control through PLC and power supply to achieve fully automated production.

Forever induction heat treatment furnace mainly includes intermediate frequency power supply, induction heater and control system;

Equipment workflow: manual feeding → feeding institutions → roller conveyor → induction heating quenching → discharge mechanism → roller conveyor → spray cooling → feed mechanism → induction heating tempering → discharge mechanism → stotage platform

Forever induction heat treatment furnace can e customzed produced as per user’s specific requirement, if you have special process requirment, we can also meet you need.


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Specialist of induction heating system in China; Glad to be your business partner in induction heating field.

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