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Professional pipe heat treatment furnace and quotation

Professional pipe heat treatment furnace and quotation

Pipe heat treatment furnace is a kind of heating equipment developed and designed by Forever. According to the high corrosive characteristics of petroleum, natural gas and other energy sources. Petroleum and natural gas are very important energy sources, so it has very important value for pipe heat treatment furnace. Then what is the equipment for pipe hardening and tempering? This is definitely what our concern now. Don’t worry. Let’s take a look at it slowly.

The mainstream equipment in the hot processing market is induction heat treatment equipment, which is a medium frequency electromagnetic induction heating equipment. This kind of heating method is one kind of electric heating, which produces heat directly from the inside of the pipe through a customized induction coil. The heating efficiency is up to 85% with less heat loss. It is a very good pipe heat treatment furnace. The pipe heat treatment furnace adopts PLC and touch screen to control the heating production of the whole set of equipment, and the equipment can also be produced online with other mechanical equipment, effectively improving the production efficiency of users, which other heating equipment can not do. Now in September, the time has come to focus on environmental protection, then the pipe heat treatment furnace has pollution? Our heating furnace body adopts fully sealed structure design, and is electric heating way, heating process does not produce dust, noise and waste gas smoke and other harmful environmental substances, can truly achieve environmental protection production !

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Then, how much is this kind of pipe induction hardening and tempering equipment?

The price of pipe heat treatment furnace is affected by many factors. However, the determination of the price of pipe heat treatment furnace first of all should depends on the production capacity, process requirements, namely, heating temperature, spare parts configuration. What’s more, we should consider the market price level and after-sales service. It’s not that the lower price is good. What is the most importantly is the equipment quality and whether it can meet your actual production requirement.


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