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Professional Induction Heating Equipment and Practical Verification

Professional Induction Heating Equipment and Practical Verification

Forever provides equipment and technical solutions for electromagnetic induction heating of special metal materials provided by customers and technical verification through relevant testing.

Compared with the traditional coal heating and thermal radiation heating methods, the electromagnetic induction heating method undoubtedly has great advantages.The Induction heating furnace has accurate heating temperature and precise temperature control, strong and weak electric isolation, safety, high efficiency and pollution-free. Induction heating equipment, especially precise temperature control, will greatly improve product quality and production efficiency.

In order to ensure that metal materials do not have any foreseeable adverse effects on the materials after the application of new induction heating methods, Forever. has established material heating tests to simulate the metal materials provided by customers.

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I. Heating Principle of Induction Heating Equipment

Converting 50Hz power frequency to 20KHz high frequency AC, using the principle of frequency conversion induction, the high-speed changing current flows through the high-frequency coil to produce a variable magnetic field, and the magnetic force line generated by the high-speed changing magnetic field generates numerous eddies when passing through the metal outside the coil. The eddy current makes the heated object heated actively so as to achieve the purpose of heating. The whole process is an efficient and fast conversion process of “electro-magnetic-thermal”, which has better energy-saving effect than traditional heating.

2. Experimental Platform of Induction Heating Equipment

The target temperature of heating is about 800~1200 C, and the accuracy is (+3) C. It takes 3 to 5 minutes for each metal material to be heated separately. Induction heating coil is wound with high temperature T2 oxygen-free copper wire. The number of coil turns is adjusted according to the workpiece, sensibility and matching rate. Intermediate frequency induction diathermy equipment uses pure digital temperature controller, real-time display of heating temperature, equipped with digital signal controller, when the infrared temperature measuring device detects the current temperature, equipped with temperature protection measures. The induction heating equipment adopts the intelligent control system of PLC, which controls the equipment remotely and effectively realizes the man-machine interaction.

After many experiments and validation, the material temperature can reach the target temperature within the required time, and the temperature difference of each temperature measuring point can not exceed 3°C. The heating degree of different types of materials is also different.

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