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Price of medium frequency induction heating equipment

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, industries have been affected, and many customers are worried about the metal heating industry. It is good news for the metal heating industry that the government encourages enterprises to return to work orderly at the key point of fighting against the epidemic and paying close attention to the resumption of work.


The epidemic did not affect the price of steel bars, steel bars, steel pipes and other metal workpieces. Many people asked what industry made money after the epidemic? The professional answers that it must be “metal heating and processing industry”, because metal is an indispensable basic raw material for construction and resumption of projects in various regions, and the state also attaches great importance to it. For customers with sufficient funds, it is a good investment opportunity. So the question is, which equipment does a set of medium frequency induction heating equipment include? How much , approximately? YUANTUO will introduce to you. If you don’t have a clear explanation, you can directly click to consult customer service.

A complete set of Medium frequency heating equipment includes: mechanical feeding system, conveying system, induction heater, induction heating power supply, PLC control system, which can be configured according to specific needs.

How much is the medium frequency induction heating equipment?

As the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment belongs to non-standard customized equipment, the price of each product is a range, because the series and model of equipment are different, and the price varies greatly, how much is a set of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment? Xiaobian has seen that the investment amount of customers before YUANTUO was about 2-300 US dollars. Each customer’s situation is different. It’s not responsible to make a rash quotation without knowing the size of the project and the nature of the raw materials. If you need a detailed quotation, you can call our service hotline to describe the demand and get your quotation!


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