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Price of induction heating equipment for energy saving

The price of metal materials is rising all over the country. In many areas, there is even a phenomenon of price or no market. Although there are many users who want metal processing market, many induction heating equipment are affected by environmental inspection Users are afraid that they will not be able to build normal plants and put them into production. If they need to continue to develop, they should choose environmentally friendly and energy-saving Induction heating furnace as their first choice. What is the price of metal heating equipment?


YUANTUO electromechanical energy-saving induction heating equipment adopts environmental protection induction heating power control features:

1. All digital control, induction heating equipment with high control accuracy and reliability.

2. Voltage and current double closed-loop control ensures the stable and reliable operation of induction heating system.

3. Perfect external control interface: it can easily realize external monitoring and temperature closed-loop.

4. Fast capture and lock-in start, meet the requirements of frequent start and stop, high success rate.

5. Parallel resonance design, phase-shifting power regulation, mature and stable induction heating equipment; more advantages in the high power range of more than 3000 kW.

6. Induction heating equipment has frequency conversion and load change adaptive, frequency adaptation range is 200-10000hz, automatic matching of induction furnace replacement, no manual adjustment is required.

7. The induction heating equipment is fully touch-screen controlled, digital setting, with perfect process record and strict level authority. The main parameters can be reset with one key.

How much does a set of environmental protection and energy saving induction heating equipment cost?

Because a whole set of induction heating equipment has various sizes and models according to different processing of workpieces, many configuration schemes and different capacity required by users, there is no specific price here, so the actual price depends on the choice of users. If you want to get specific price, you can consult by phone, and professional induction heating equipment engineers can serve you.

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