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Preferential Price of Induction heating equipment in China

induction heating furnace, also known as intermediate frequency heating equipment, is specially used for heat treatment of metal work-pieces, which is characterized by high production efficiency, simple installation, intelligent operation, environmental protection and high efficiency. Now it is more economical and economical, and is favored by countless heat treatment factory friends. Yuantu0 electromechanical manufacturers, Hebei professional induction heating equipment manufacturers, in view of the domestic heat treatment plants “strict environmental protection” and other series of design and production, won the praise of users, because of its environmental protection, efficiency, intelligence, durability and other characteristics, for more and more enterprises to create a steady stream of profits

1. Environmental protection and less pollution are produced by induction heating equipment, electric heating does not produce pollution, electric energy itself belongs to environmental protection energy, waste smoke and dust will not be produced in the process of processing, and environmental protection production will be realized.

2, reliable induction heating equipment with high heating speed, short heating time, heating efficiency as high as 95%, metal steel plate surface is not easy to produce oxide skin, burn damage, Decarbonization and deformation.

3, operate more intelligent remote computer terminal to operate intermediate frequency heating equipment, do not have to go to the field, but also can clearly grasp the operation of the equipment, at the same time, fault early warning device, can remind users to find out the source of failure as soon as possible, so as to avoid greater faults and ensure that the operation of intermediate frequency heating furnace is safer.

4, the operation of stable and efficient induction heating equipment is driven by frequency converter, installed one per shaft, Single damage does not affect the operation of the whole equipment, and can achieve endless adjustment, stable and reliable operation.


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