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Precautions for selection of induction heating equipment!

Heat treatment furnace  is a kind of non-standard custom-made equipment, which is a very rational equipment in the current heat treatment market by heat treatment of metal workpieces by electromagnetic principle. Therefore, many heat treatment manufacturers choose to invest in induction heating equipment, so what do you need to pay attention to in the process of purchasing induction heating equipment?

First, the judgment of the quality of induction heating equipment: usually we classify the induction heating equipment: 60KW is a category; 80KW is a class; 160KW is a class; 200KW is above a class; different categories represent the technical level of manufacturers at a certain level. Under ordinary conditions, manufacturers who can consume high-power induction heating equipment, the small type of induction heating equipment it consumes will not be any worse. Therefore, some manufacturers who can not do high-power induction heating equipment should be careful.

Second, the power of induction heating equipment is a false discrimination: power virtual standard and other related knowledge we introduced a lot later, please check: the marked power of induction quenching equipment is the input power?

Third, the discrimination of heating piecewise resonance mode: series resonance mode, the electric power factor is high, or even as high as 98%. In parallel resonance mode, the electric power factor is low and the high power factor is only 60%. No matter what kind of enterprise, energy saving, power saving, reducing cost must be what we want, in the purchase of induction heating equipment, remember to choose series resonance heating mode of induction heating equipment. Otherwise, buying an electric tiger will form a difficult scene that you can afford and can’t afford.

The above is about the matters that should be paid attention to when selecting and purchasing induction heating equipment. If you also want to know more information about metal heat treatment equipment or about heat treatment technology, you can call FOREVER Electromechanical customer Service Hotline. The manufacturer arranges the professional technical engineer to answer the service for you, welcome you to inquire.


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