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Popular medium frequency induction furnace

The skin effect of the medium frequency electric furnace can cause the eddy current in the metal object to rise with the frequency and concentrate on the surface of the metal surface. In this way, the control of the heating depth of the metal object can be achieved by controlling the frequency of the working current. The processing technology can be improved, and the energy can be fully utilized. When used for the heat-treatment of the diathermy and the overall annealing of the workpiece, the heating depth required is large, and the working frequency can be reduced; when the heat treatment for surface quenching is used, the heating depth required by them is small, and then the working frequency can be raised. On the other hand, for workpieces or pipes with small volume, the plate material is selected from the heating equipment of an intermediate frequency electric furnace, and an intermediate frequency heating mode is selected for workpieces with large volume. As the intermediate-frequency heat-transmitting furnace has a short heating time, a fast speed, and is also a non-contact type (heating object does not need to be in contact with the induction coil). Therefore, it is less oxidized than other heating methods, and it is easy to carry out gas protection when necessary.

With the rapid development of electronic technology, electronic components have made great progress in terms of quality, efficiency and reliability. In terms of volume, it is also more miniaturized and miniaturized. This provides better development conditions and space for induction heating technology. In the aspects of small signal generation and processing, control and protection, adjustment and display, more digital circuits with higher reliability, better stability and stronger anti-interference ability are used. In the power element, it has been developed from the electron tube with high energy consumption, low efficiency, high working voltage and large radiation through thyristor and field effect transistor (MOSFET),) to IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor). The power utilization rate of intermediate frequency electric furnace has been increased to more than 95% (the utilization rate of tube power supply is only about 60%), and the cooling water is about 60% less than that of tube products. And can achieve 24 hours of continuous work. This can not only be used normally during the day, but also work at night during the low peak tariff discount period.



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