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Introduction of tube heat treatment furnace

Tube heat treatment furnace is a new type of metal heat treatment equipment under the situation of energy saving and environmental protection. After many upgrades and transformations, the manufacturing process is more mature. The equipment has simple structure, uniform heating treatment and no crack and deformation after heat treatment.

Performance characteristics of tube heat treatment furnace.

1. On line continuous heating, quenching, tempering, high degree of automation. Only two people are required to operate the complete equipment.

2. The heating adopts electromagnetic induction heating and spray cooling, the efficiency is 2 & mdash; 3 times higher than that of resistance furnace, and the power consumption per ton after tempering is less than or equal to 500 degrees, far lower than that of resistance heating.

3. After treatment, the microstructure is finer, and the mechanical strength is 10 & mdash; 15% higher than that of resistance furnace treatment.

4. The complete set of equipment is equipped with a computer control system to continuously monitor the power parameters, mechanical parameters, quenching and tempering heat treatment parameters and fault alarms, and automatically record them to realize parameter plasticity.

5. The spray system adopts multi-stage spray cooling, and the pressure and flow between spray rings at all levels are adjustable. Meet the requirements of different permeability.

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