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Order of Induction and Quenching Equipment of Angang Mining Machinery Steel Bar

Early in the morning of August 29, 2019, Hebei Anshan Iron and Steel Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. officially issued a set of tender notice for medium frequency steel bar hardening and tempering furnace bidding project, Hebei Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd won the bid! This is a very happy news.

Anshan Iron and Steel Mine Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a well-known company in Lishan District of Anshan City. The office address of Anshan Mining Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is Shahe Office Building Materials Street, Anshan City. The number of employees is 501. it is a more powerful enterprise. The company has strict selection of suppliers of induction quenching automation equipment for steel rods, especially in technical strength, product quality, supply cycle. Production capacity scale and after-sales service and other aspects of the requirements are very high. In the tender at a glance, Hebei Yuantuo Electromechanical Induction heating equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

After nearly 2 months, multi-round detailed steel rod induction quenching equipment technical communication and component parameters determination, Yuantio electromechanical induction heating equipment manufacturers according to customer needs, continue to optimize the steel rod induction quenching equipment scheme, and finally beat six domestic and foreign competitors of induction heating equipment, far-field machine steel rod induction quenching equipment with excellent product quality, superior working performance, good service word of mouth, Stand out from many strong opponents and win the bid successfully.

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Post time: 08-29-2019