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Order for 5 sets of steel bar heat treatment furnaces

Recently, the sales department of Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. received a quick report. After more than three months of single negotiation, they finally won an order for Angang’s mining machinery, and signed an order for five sets of steel bar induction heating furnace at one time.

Production of Steel Rod Heat treatment Furnace and Steel Rod Heat treatment equipment Hebei Angang Mine Machinery is an advanced large-scale iron and steel production base, known as the cradle of the new Chinese iron and steel industry “the eldest son of the steel industry of the Republic of China.” It is the place where the constitution of Angang was born and the fertile soil of many models, which has made great contribution to the development and growth of the iron and steel industry in New China. The sales department of Yuantuo induction heating equipment manufacturer needs to purchase the steel bar heat treatment furnace. After the purchase information of the steel bar heat treatment equipment is attached great importance to, immediately report to the company’s leaders, and start to organize and plan this project. Under the guidance of general manager Meng Fantong, director of R & D department Li Tongzhu and other companies, and with the strong support of multi-departments such as design, craft, manufacturing and after-sale, With its own strength and good reputation, the company won the recognition of the Angang group customers, and finally won the big order.

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Post time: 04-05-2019