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Operation site of induction heating furnace

The demand of metal parts in China is relatively large, which can not be separated from building houses, road construction, water and electricity; while metal processing needs metal heating furnace. At present, the medium frequency induction heating furnace is more popular in the market and in line with energy conservation and environmental protection policies. How much is the investment in a set of medium frequency induction heating furnace? Is there a site for use? To solve this problem, this paper simply summarizes some contents as follows:

The investment of medium frequency induction heating furnace is high in the early stage, but it is easy to control and low in operation cost. Users can make a reasonable choice according to their own needs, or contact the induction furnace manufacturer to let professionals recommend it to you.

Is there any application site for medium frequency induction heating furnace?

Whether the medium frequency induction heating furnace is applied on site is one of the key issues concerned by the metal heating treatment plant, and the answer is certainly yes! Hebei YUANTUO mechanical and electrical plant has 2000+ Household customized equipment, manufacturers in many provinces and cities across the country, equipment operation site stability!

There are more case sites in Hebei YUANTUO electromechanical Co., Ltd. if you have relevant needs, you can call our service hotline directly, we will try to arrange your site visit after communication with customers, and there are more special car pick-up and whole process reception to visit the factory. YUANTUO electromechanical Co., Ltd. provides private customization, accompanying installation, free training, after-sales quality assurance, etc!



Post time: 05-11-2020