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One machine multi-purpose induction heating equipment is more in line with today’s needs!

In recent years, with the continuous maturity of Induction heat treatment equipment technology, it has many advantages, such as low energy consumption, fast heating speed, no pollution, automatic production control, a variety of intelligent protection systems, flexible and simple operation and so on, which has been favored by Metal heat treatment manufacturers. More and more production enterprises, from coal heating, diesel heating, liquefied gas heating, as well as electric furnace, electric oven heating mode, to slab heating furnace. No matter state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises, private enterprises, all metal heat treatment, hot processing and other industries, more and more buy and install induction heating equipment, in order to replace the traditional slab heating furnace to further promote the popularization of induction heating equipment, its market development prospects are broad.

Yuantuo Electromechanical is an early high-tech enterprise dedicated to the design, development, manufacture, sales and service of intermediate frequency heating equipment in China. The induction heating equipment produced is simple and clear in structure, low in equipment failure rate, strong in anti-interference ability, easy to realize one machine and multi-use, which greatly improves the reliability of the equipment. It is mainly used for heat treatment processing of steel bars, steel tubes, steel plates, billets, aluminum alloys, copper and other metal work-pieces. It can also be used for local heating of work-piece, and remote extension mechatronics can design and manufacture furnace body for heating production according to user demand. In recent years, the slab heating furnace produced by remote extension mechatronics adopts intermediate frequency induction principle to heat the metal work-piece through induction coil. The heat is generated from the inside of the workpiece, and there is almost no heat loss, and the heating efficiency is as high as 95%.

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