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ø30-80mm steel long bar induction hardening and tempering equipment from Forever

ø30-80mm  steel long bar induction hardening and tempering equipment from Forever

Forever is the leading manufacturer of bar induction hardening and tempering equipment in China with rich experience in the heat treatment of bars and powerful after-sales services. Now our induction hardening and tempering equipment has been applied to the grinding rod, long bars, thread bars, torsion bars, sucker rod, stabilizer bars, bolts, balance bar and so on. This month our plant finished the production of bar hardening and tempering equipment used for ø30-80mm.

The induction hardening and tempering equipment consists of quenching and tempering devices; the quenching part is composed of two sets of medium frequency power supplies with different power and several groups of heating induction coils. The total power of quenching part is 750 KW, the total power of tempering part is 400 KW, and the total length is 38.62 meters. And the water spraying part consists of three water rings.

Basic process and technical parameters:

Bar diameter range (mm): ø30-80
Bar length range (mm): 3000-6000
Bar material: 45, 35CrMo, 42CrMo, 4140, 4145, etc.
Quenching temperature: 900-1200 ℃
Tempering temperature: 500-680 ℃
Maximum capacity: 2t/h

Ensure that the core of the material is diathermy so as to achieve the quality requirements for quenching and tempering.

Straightness requirements after quenching and tempering: on the basis of straightness of raw bar less than 1 m m / m (tentative), full length less than 6 m.

The spray ring is totally enclosed, which prevents splashing of spray liquid and is conducive to the return of spray water. The relative position of the stage spraying device is adjustable, and a liquid collecting tank is used to recover the quenchant to avoid splashing water. Each level of sprinkler system has independent pumps and electronic flowmeters to control it.


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