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ø30-60 stainless steel bar heat treatment furnace was delivered to Shanghai

ø30-60 stainless steel bar heat treatment furnace was delivered to Shanghai

Forever specializes in producing stainless steel bar heat treatment furnace for 20 years. We have professional research and development team of induction heat treatment equipment and has many successful cases in this field of bar heat treatment furnace. So far, over 20 years, Forever has exported to more than 20 countries. We have considerable strength to create considerable value for users. Forever also promises that if its design is not ideal and users can directly return the machine and we can refund.

Under the strict investigation of environmental protection, many enterprises stop production or limit production. Our stainless steel bar induction hardening and tempering requirement is a new type of energy-saving and environmental protection induction heating equipment. There is no pollution to the environment. This month, the customized stainless bar heat treatment furnace has been finished and was delivered to our customer, which can help user to achieve the stainless bar quenching and tempering process and improve its performance.

The stainless steel hardening and tempering system of Forever consists of medium frequency air-cooled induction heating power supply, input and output system, induction heating system, quenching and cooling system, tempering and holding system, PLC control system, infrared temperature measuring system and so on.

The stainless steel bar heat treatment furnace can provide a remote operating box with touch screen or industrial control computer system, a customized man-machine interface and highly humanized operation instructions. All digital, high depth adjustable parameters, so that you can control the stainless bar heat treatment furnace handily which is strict hierarchical management system, perfect one-button reduction system, according to different countries and regions to provide the corresponding language switching.

The formulae management system of stainless steel bar heat treatment furnace is powerful. After inputting the parameters of steel grade, diameter and wall thickness to be produced, the relevant parameters are automatically invoked and the parameters required by various workpieces are no longer recorded, consulted and inputted manually.

Induction heating is the quickest heating method known to mankind at present. The traditional heating method is heat conduction, that is, heat energy is transferred from one hot object to another, while induction heating is generated by alternating current in the induction coil current vortex, that is, eddy current, so that the conductive magnetic material in the coil. Forever induction heat treatment equipment is not only energy-saving and environmental protection, but also fully automatic and intelligent, low energy consumption.



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