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New project of Hebei billet medium frequency heating furnace manufacturer

Hebei YUANTUO electromechanical Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of medium frequency billet heating furnace in Hebei, successfully started up and put into operation the new billet rolling reinforcement project in this area, showing its high production efficiency, more energy-saving and environmental protection, and consolidating and strengthening the strength of large manufacturers of billet heating devices.

Features of billet medium frequency heating furnace:

1. High efficiency: YUANTUO billet induction heating furnace adopts electric heating, with fast temperature rise and high efficiency;

2. Mature technology: YUANTUO has been engaged in the induction heating industry for more than ten years and designed and produced billet heating furnaces for many large iron and steel enterprises;

3. Billet electric heating furnace does not need preheating in billet treatment, so as to reduce customer start-up time

4. YUANTUO billet heating equipment adopts advanced PLC control, power supply and temperature control

5. All cables and capacitors have good protection performance and long service life.

Billet heating electric furnace has the advantages of simple process, more humanized operation, good management, long practical life and customized model.

The selection of billet reheating furnace suitable for user production mainly considers the following 5 problems:

1. Due to the shape and size of the heated billet and large workpiece, induction heating equipment with relatively large power and low frequency should be selected.

2. The depth and area of billet heating. If the heating depth is deep and the area is large, the induction heating furnace with high power and low frequency should be selected for overall heating. On the contrary, if the heating depth is shallow, the area is small, and local heating, the induction heating furnace with small power and high frequency should be selected.

3. The heating speed required by the billet. If the heating speed is fast, the induction heating furnace with relatively large power and high frequency shall be selected.

4. The working time of billet induction heating furnace. If the customer needs equipment for a long working time, the induction heating furnace with high power shall be selected.

5. If the connecting distance between the induction heating parts and the equipment is long, or the water-cooling cable connection is required, the induction heating furnace with high power shall be selected.

Note: as a professional supplier of billet induction heating furnace, YUANTUO electromechanical provides customers with customized design services to match you with induction heat treatment solutions more suitable for your actual production.


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