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New breakthrough in energy saving and environmental protection of induction heating equipment!

Induction heat treatment equipment  is an indispensable equipment in metal heat treatment processing at present. Many Metal heat treatment furnaces in the market have the problems of too high energy consumption and too much pollution, which have brought huge economic losses to heat treatment plants, so many heat treatment plants are eager to find a kind of equipment with good energy saving and environmental protection effect, and this induction heating equipment of Yuantuo Electromechanical has become their ideal choice. To the extent that it is not possible to make a difference between the two groups.

The traditional manufacturing process of metal heat treatment furnace is backward, and the structure design can not meet the requirements, so there are various problems after it is applied to the practice process. The advanced technology concept of Germany and Britain combined with the domestic mature heat treatment equipment production technology, the R & D and production of this induction heating equipment in energy saving and consumption reduction and low carbon environmental protection has made a great breakthrough.

First of all, the induction heating equipment is different from the traditional metal heat treatment furnace. The medium frequency current is used to heat treat the metal workpiece in a non-contact form through the inductor. The heat of this process is directly generated from the inside of the metal steel, and there will be no waste gas smoke and dust and other substances that pollute the environment in the processing process. Finally, the furnace body design of intermediate frequency heating furnace adopts sealed structure design, which will not produce dust and other pollution in the processing process, environmental protection production in the processing process, at the same time, the furnace body has good heat insulation, does not affect the high temperature around the workshop, and is conducive to the construction of a good production environment. The application of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment is not only related to the progress of enterprises, but also related to the development of the whole industry. Therefore, Yuantuo electromechanical and other mine induction heating enterprises should constantly bring forth new ideas in the production process and produce higher quality and high value-added energy-saving and environmental protection equipment for the benefit of the whole industry.


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Post time: 06-27-2019