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New billet induction heating system, more saving, more efficient !

New billet induction heating system, more saving, more efficient !


Recently Forever receive many inquires about billet induction heater recently, which are mostly used for rolling rebars, plate, steel balls and so on.Any inquiry about billet heating system, please contact us !

Firstly we would like to say Forever billet induction heater has proven design indeed, especially for increasing the billet heat inline before rolling rebars or deformed bars. This process is called continuous casting and rolling production line. Users firstly use melting furnace to melt scrap steel and then the iron melt will be sent to the continuous casting machine, the billet surface temperature will reduce during the continuous casting machine, then it need our induction heating furnace to increase surface temperature. Finally it will be charged into rolling mill. So many customers placed orders with us for this application. The following is the site video:

The advantages of our billet induction heater

1.Improve product quality
The temperature is controllable, the heating speed is fast, and the billet can be heated evenly, and the quality of the product can be effectively guaranteed

2.Improve production efficiency
When the electromagnetic heating controller is electrified, the material can be quickly heated, and the heat efficiency is high, and the production efficiency is guaranteed.

3.Improve the working environment
The cable part does not radiate heat, thereby reducing the temperature at the work site and improving the working environment.

4.Reduce production costs

Saves energy 30% – 70%, reduce the cost of electricity 

The cable has longer service life as it will not heat by itself. The maintenance cost is less


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