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Need more automatic and cost effective? Choose bar heat treatment furnace for quenching and tempering

Need more automatic and cost effective? Choose bar heat treatment furnace for quenching and tempering

Forever is a modern enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of induction heating and heat treatment equipment. When it was built, the company has been committed to providing reliable and stable induction heat treatment solutions for customers, building a perfect bar heat treatment furnace manufacturing system and a scientific and rational product chain. The production of energy-saving induction hardening and tempering equipment is widely used in quenching, tempering, annealing, quenching and tempering, heating and other heat treatment.

The technical features of the electric bar heat treatment furnace of Forever are: Series resonance circuit is adopted to solve the difficult problem of SCR intermediate frequency starting thoroughly. Silicon controlled medium frequency furnace is a parallel resonant circuit, but also a current resonant circuit, it will make copper, cable, inductor coil temperature rise sharply. Cooling pool need to discharge hot water and repeatedly add cold water to maintain water temperature. IGBT bar heat treatment furnace is a series resonant circuit, but also a voltage resonant circuit, its resonant voltage is high, current is small, copper, cable, inductor coil temperature rise is limited. The cooling pool need not add cold water frequently cooling, saving a lot of water resources.

The IGBT module is adopted in the round bar heat treatment furnace. This new type of medium frequency power supply adopts series resonance circuit. The control circuit is integrated completely, and the starting and operation are very convenient. The main components of the equipment are imported from Germany. Reliable operation, low failure rate and low maintenance cost make Forever brand become more and more popular. Its rectifier part is a three-phase full bridge rectifier circuit, rarely producing high-order harmonics, so the power supply transformer does not heat, reducing unnecessary losses. It has no effect on the factory variable capacitor, and does not produce high order harmonic pollution to the power grid.

Because of its high heating efficiency, fast start-up, convenient operation and less pollution to the environment than the gas furnace, the induction heating equipment is widely used in railway transportation, wind turbine, petroleum machinery, mining machinery, automobile manufacturing and other industries.

Forever is a well-known manufacturer of electric induction heating furnace, providing users with high quality automatic induction heating equipment. Forever has been engaged in induction heating and heat treatment industry for more than 10 years and now has become a well-known domestic high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales. The company is located in Wuqiao Economic Development Zone. The superiority of its geographical position promotes the development of the company. Welcome to visit our factory !


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