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Need induction heat treatment equipment? Please come here!

Need induction heat treatment equipment? Please come here!

Forever is a company which integrating designing, production, sales and service. According to the different requirements of various manufacturers, special design and manufacture all kinds of automatic induction heat treatment equipment. In order to meet the rapid development of the industry and satisfy customers’ requirements of reducing operating costs, improving production efficiency, improving quality and enhancing competition, the company actively develops and specializes in providing high-efficiency and energy-saving automatic induction heat treatment equipment.

Different times, customer needs are also different. In the past, the extensive mode of economic growth gradually transformed into an intensive mode of economic growth. The shift in the mode of industrial growth depended on technological progress. In the induction heat treatment equipment, automation and intelligent development is a sign of technological progress.

Forever induction heat treatment equipment has the following characteristics:

1.Forever induction heat treatment furnace should be in full accordance with customer requirements of custom-made production. After finishing induction heat treatment equipment, we will always invite users to our factory test.

2.Forever induction heat treatment equipment includes surface quenching machine, induction hardening and tempering equipment, induction annealing equipment etc.

3.Improved sprinkler system can speed up the cooling rate of the workpiece, improve the quality of quenching. Inside and outside quenching layer evenly distributed.

4.The technical parameters during workpiece quenching and tempering will automatically recorded and store.

5.Using Forever induction heat treatment technology, bar or pipe can get very good linearity, which means that no need to spend the cost to buy straightening equipment, reducing production costs.


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