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Induction heating furnace with a diameter of 120 aluminum rod

This aluminum rod induction heating furnace customized by Forever is specifically designed for pre extrusion heating of aluminum rods with a diameter of 120mm and a length of 6 meters. This device uses medium frequency induction heating technology to ensure that the aluminum rod quickly reaches a uniform temperature after entering the heating furnace. After heating is completed, the pressure roller pushes the aluminum rod to the shearing machine for cutting. The cut aluminum rod is fed back by the pressure roller to ensure temperature uniformity and stability.

During the operation, the design of the pressure roller ensures that the aluminum rod can be stably returned to the inside of the furnace. However, due to the size limitation of the pressure roller, the aluminum rod may not be able to be fully pushed into the furnace. To solve this problem, we have designed a cylinder device next to the furnace body, which can accurately push the aluminum rod into the furnace for insulation treatment, ensuring uniform heating and maximizing energy efficiency. This design not only eliminates the sawing process in traditional heating processes, but also achieves direct hot cutting of aluminum bars, greatly improving production efficiency and quality.

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