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Metal surface heat treatment equipment

At present, Metal heat treatment equipment is a popular equipment in many metal heat treatment equipment. Compared with the traditional metal heating furnace, the metal heat treatment equipment is more efficient by non-contact heating, and the heat does not need to be wasted in the air, and the efficiency is as high as 95%. So how much is a set of metal surface heat treatment equipment? Is the price expensive?

As a commonly used metal heat treatment equipment, induction heating equipment is loved by users because of its simple structure, high heating efficiency and simple operation. It can meet the work needs of the vast majority of users, so there are many people to buy. With regard to the price of induction heating equipment, the price given by different manufacturers may be different, mainly because of the following factors.

1. The common casting materials for making metal surface heat treatment equipment are all kinds of high quality metal steel, the cost of different materials is different, the final quotation change comes from the trend of steel price, so the price of raw material steel for induction heating equipment is an important factor affecting the quotation of equipment.

2, the market demand market virtually adjusts the trend of this price, from the point of view of supply and demand, the demand for metal surface heat treatment equipment is not small, the supply quantity is large, the quotation will be a little lower, when the supply quantity is insufficient, the manufacturer will occupy the initiative, the quotation will rise slightly, the comprehensive current market, the supply and demand relationship tends to be stable, the quotation of metal surface heat treatment equipment on the market is within a reasonable range;

3, the production technology level production strength manufacturers, whether casting level, or raw material selection, can withstand all kinds of tests of users, and the technical force is stronger, the production equipment model is novel, can let you follow the trend, enjoy the advanced induction heating technology, in addition, the large manufacturer has the mass production strength, the comprehensive production cost is lower, may give you the more favorable quotation.

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