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Metal intermediate frequency heating equipment

Induction heating equipment as advanced heating equipment in metal heat treatment furnace equipment is sought after by many large and medium-sized enterprises, its investment cost is reasonable, can be mass production, is the ideal choice for large and medium-sized enterprises. Because its capacity is directly linked to the interests of the enterprise, so most customers are more concerned about induction heating in the selection of alternative production and shopping methods, in order to help you solve this series of problems, next, we do specific analysis.


What is the yield of induction heating equipment?

First of all, we first straight into the theme, analysis of the steel bar quenching furnace capacity, because its capacity and the equipment itself has a direct relationship with the various configurations, manufacturers are generally based on the user’s metal bar material, length, width, weight and heating temperature, production output and other custom production. And the equipment load rate as high as 99%, to achieve continuous production within 24 hours, to meet the user’s high yield requirements.

To sum up above, for induction heating equipment introduction, nothing but to help you buy satisfactory equipment, here, in order to better help you to buy, here recommend Hebei Yuantuo electromechanical, it can fully guarantee your production benefits, first of all, its credibility, brand efficiency is very good, indicating that the quality of metal heat treatment furnace is guaranteed, and the service system is perfect; fartuo electromechanical has its own R & D team, production workshop, indicating that there is no middleman to earn the difference, fair price, the product cost-effective. So you can do it for a good reference, if you want to know more relevant information, you can call to consult.



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