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Metal heat treatment tempering process!

Tempering is a common process for metal heat treatment. Tempering often occurs with quenching heat treatment. Tempering is that when the whole metal is heated to a certain temperature, then they will carry out heat treatment in a specific way at a certain temperature, so in this case there will be direct operation. Generally speaking, the heat treatment of the whole part is also the last process, and the two processes can be combined to process, so that we can do a good job of tempering effectively, so how to do a good job of effective work in the process of  Metal heat treatment processing.

1. In heat treatment, if you want to do a good job of tempering, we must reduce the internal stress, and reduce the brittleness of the whole metal, because the parts have great stress and brittleness, if there is no timely tempering, some deformation and even cracking will occur.

2. In the process of heat treatment, the mechanical properties of all the workpiece should be adjusted, and after the quenching of the whole parts, their hardness is very high and brittleness is very large. In order to meet the performance needs of various parts, in this case, the overall processing can be carried out by tempering adjustment or hardness shaping, so as to bring us a better adjustment of the processing mode.

3, the size of the workpiece can be better stabilized when heat treatment is processed, and the stable state in all bow and arrow areas can be made by tempering, so that the subsequent use process can not occur any more deformation, and the related properties of some alloys can be changed.

The tempering heat treatment process of metal workpiece can improve its plasticity, toughness and so on. At the same time, selecting a high quality metal heat treatment equipment can significantly improve heating efficiency and realize energy saving and consumption reduction. Induction heating equipment is recommended here, a high quality equipment using electric heating, with its special heating principle, environmental protection and energy saving production. If you are interested, you are welcome to call and consult Yuantuo Electromechanical customer Service Hotline.

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