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Medium frequency induction heating pipe bending equipment

The company produces medium frequency electric furnace, intermediate frequency induction pipe bending equipment, intermediate frequency induction heat transmission equipment, high frequency induction welding pipe equipment, high frequency composite pot bottom brazing machine, high frequency melting equipment, medium and high frequency quenching machine tool, KGPS intermediate frequency power supply, High frequency power supply, medium and high frequency quenching transformer, thyristor (thyristor), medium and high frequency capacitor, medium frequency quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment, etc.

The intermediate frequency heating equipment is equipped with automatic alarm protection functions, such as intercepting voltage, closing current, overvoltage, overcurrent, low water pressure delay, low working power supply voltage, three-phase power supply lack phase, power element overtemperature and so on. High power supply, with high magnetic harmonic absorption measures, can reduce the interference of high magnetic harmonics to the power grid. The bending forming of large diameter steel pipe must be heated. The local heating of steel pipe by medium frequency induction heating has its unique advantages and can not be replaced by other heating methods. It is an intermediate frequency induction heating pipe bending equipment, which is composed of pipe bender and medium frequency induction heating power supply and inductor. The sensor is placed in the front end of the pipe bender, and when the power supply induction heating, the pipe bender begins to rotate slowly. Because the number of turns of the induction coil is very small, the sensor is connected to the intermediate frequency step-down transformer.


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