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Medium frequency induction heating furnace is used for pipe quenching and tempering.

steel tube quenching and tempering equipment we choose intermediate frequency induction heating furnace, the following is the remote extension electromechanical steel pipe conditioning process details.

steel bar heat treatment machine

The main heat treatment process of medium frequency induction heating furnace steel pipe quenching and tempering heat treatment production line is as follows: the medium frequency induction heating furnace cools the steel pipe through straightening, induction quenching, induction tempering, heat preservation and tempering, rolling cooling and continuous cooling. The quenching and tempering heat treatment process of steel pipe completed on the production line, The specific processes are as follows:

Straightening: after the staff put the steel pipe on the feeding rack, after leveling, the feeder is sent to the parallel roller table step by step, straightening the seven-roll straightening machine before heat treatment, straightening through the parallel roller table, and sending it into the mechanical traction machine in front of the inductor. Quenching: through the stable and uniform operation of the tractor, the steel pipe is fed into the semiconductor frequency conversion device for induction heating and quenching system, which is controlled by the output inductor cabinet and infrared thermometer. The temperature of steel pipe is automatically controlled by preheating, temperature measurement, heating and temperature measurement, so that the quenching temperature can be quenched into the cooling system and the quenching process can be completed.

Tempering: the quenched steel pipe is transported from the roller table to the medium frequency induction heating furnace for tempering, and after temperature measurement, it enters the tempering incubator, the heat preservation delay, and the hot straightening after tempering. Then it is sent to parallel roller table for cooling and straightening: the steel pipe enters the cold bed for natural rolling cooling, and after cooling, it is sent to the straightening machine for straightening and demagnetization treatment should be completed.


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