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Medium frequency induction heating equipment

Now, we are all advocating green operation, paying more attention to the plot of the working environment and the safety and health problems of the operators. At the same time, we should also save resources and reduce pollutant emissions in the process of operation, which is also a kind of energy conservation and environmental protection, which will better reduce energy consumption and pollutant emissions, and better provide users with a better working environment.

For heat treatment plants, the common Medium frequency heating equipment mainly includes:steel bar induction heating equipment, steel bar heating equipment, steel pipe heating equipment, steel plate heating equipment, steel bar heating equipment, etc., which are commonly used metal heating equipment in the market, with high frequency of use. The medium frequency induction heating equipment is different from the traditional metal heating equipment. It uses the electromagnetic principle for heating. The electric energy itself belongs to the environmental protection energy, and will not produce waste gas, smoke, dust and other pollution during the processing. The furnace body adopts the sealed design, without dust overflow, which can realize the green environmental protection heat treatment and processing.


Green operation medium frequency induction heating equipment is more respected

1. Low carbon, environmental protection and small dust

Compared with the traditional metal heating equipment, its structure and performance have been better improved and upgraded, so its operation in the process of operation is more stable and reliable, with large processing capacity, high output, low energy consumption, low noise and small dust, which completely achieves the effect of low carbon, low consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection.

2. Low cost, good performance

For many users, choosing high-quality and cheap metal heating equipment is what we are looking for. However, the price of medium frequency induction heating equipment is also very economic and affordable. Not only is the price of the equipment low, but also the operation cost in the operation is low, which can save cost investment for users, and its quality is also very good.

In the trend of energy saving, environmental protection and green operation, the medium frequency induction heating equipment is less and less respected by the majority of users, and has brought considerable economic benefits to users, and its quality, performance and other aspects can be greatly higher. If you want to buy such high-quality and cheap equipment, please call YUANTUO electric heat treatment furnace manufacturer

Post time: 05-21-2020