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Medium frequency furnace use computer centralized control to save cost

If medium frequency heat treatment equipment using computer centralized control system can achieve, the workpiece location, moving speed, heating, gap, cooling time, heating power, quenching medium flow and temperature monitoring, and complete the display printing, heat treatment parameters of each part for memory, can be extracted at any time.Hengyuan electric furnace for every user to develop a reasonable induction heating heat treatment process.The induction heating and heat treatment system evaluates the whole design scheme and various indicators. The power supply part shall meet the basic requirements of GB /T 385911 and GB 156 /T, and the mechanical structure manufacturing shall meet the general technical conditions of GB /T 9061 bed and GB /T 15760 bed safety protection general technical conditions.

Firstly, the feasibility of the scheme is discussed, and the relationship between the equipment structure and upper and lower layers is reasonable, the performance is reliable, the structure is compact, the manufacturing process is reasonable, the shape is beautiful, the operation is simple, safe and reliable, the maintenance is convenient, and the environmental protection standard is met.If electric furnace system can realize comprehensive equipment structure.1) semi-automatic and automatic induction heating and quenching mechanical transmission parts moving mechanical transmission induction heating and quenching equipment;2) manual material handling and automatic material handling, quenching transformer mobile mechanical transmission induction heating and quenching equipment.Intermediate frequency electric furnace system control mode, organization system and sensing detection system mechanical and electrical integration of intermediate frequency electric furnace online using the computer control production and quality management system, can the workpiece position, moving speed, cooling, heating, clearance time, heating power, quenching medium flow rate and temperature monitoring, and complete the display print, to the memory of each heat-treatment parameters, can be taken out at any time.The equipment has anti – magnetic anti – interference, anti – corrosion performance, sewage and oil – water separation facilities.Mechanical main drive in the quenching process of transformation to achieve.The power cooling and circulating system of medium frequency electric furnace system, quenching medium cooling and circulating system, comprehensive cooling and circulating system are equipped with automatic protection of flow and water pressure and automatic control of liquid level, which can automatically control the temperature set by the circulating cooling system. All actuators and sensing and testing systems are controlled by the overall control system of the equipment

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