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Medium frequency furnace several big advantages!

Advantages and characteristics of Medium frequency heating equipment of hebei hengyuan

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1. Fast heating speed of medium frequency induction furnace: the fast heating speed is less than 1 second (the speed can be adjusted according to the demand);2, if the induction furnace operation is simple: learn immediately, a few minutes to learn;3, if the induction furnace 100 percent full load design, can continue to work 24 hours;4, if frequency induction furnace less power consumption: compared to the old electronic tube high-frequency machine power saving about 30% compared to silicon controlled if frequency saving 20%, the smaller the workpiece power consumption is less;5. Medium frequency induction furnace starts quickly: heating can be started after water supply is energized, and it can be used after connecting power supply, induction coil and inlet and outlet water pipes;6, full protection: constant far medium frequency induction furnace is equipped with over voltage, over current, overheating, water shortage, lack of items and other alarm indicators, using phase-locked loop control, complete automatic tracking;7, if the induction furnace effect is good: very uniform heating (can adjust the density of the induction coil, so that each part of the workpiece to obtain their own temperature), rapid warming, oxidation, no waste after annealing;8, if the induction furnace temperature control: set the heating time to control the workpiece heating temperature, so that the heating temperature can be controlled to a technical point;9, small volume, light weight: small area, save workshop space, good working environment, environmental protection, energy saving, safety, no noise, waste gas, dust removal

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