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Medium frequency billet heating induction furnace — meeting the needs of environmental protection

Medium frequency billet heating induction furnace — meeting the needs of environmental protection
Forever Factory is a professional manufacturer of induction heating furnace solutions for billet heating induction furnace, steel bar electric heating furnace and pipe induction heating furnace. At the stage of pressure-bearing reform in iron and steel enterprises, the intermediate frequency billet heating induction furnace enters the iron and steel enterprises and becomes the executor of “green production”!

Founded in 2004, Forever Factory has become a rising star of induction heating furnace manufacturing industry with its unique management mode, from the point of technological innovation and customer demand as the fundamental starting point. Provide customized heat treatment solutions and excellent services for heat treatment enterprises.

Mechanical stability, component selection criteria and the practicability of the control system for IF technology are the criteria for judging the performance of the equipment.

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The performance of billet heating induction furnace also determines the quality of workpiece processing.

With the continuous improvement of billet, steel bar and other heating equipment, the PLC remote control console achieves the accuracy, high stability of the whole machine and good unity of production quality. At the moment when the iron and steel enterprises are in urgent need of “machine replacement” and production transformation to improve quality and efficiency, Forever steel billet induction heating furnace has added strength to the petroleum industry.

IGBT module is used as the main component of intermediate frequency power supply for intermediate frequency billet heating induction furnace. The circuit adopts uncontrolled full bridge rectifier, series resonant output and SCR parallel resonant output. Induction heating power supply greatly saves electricity and further enhances the startup performance of the equipment, so that the startup success rate of the equipment reaches 100%. IGBT power supply elements layout coordinated and reasonable, easy maintenance, perfect protection functions such as over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, lack of water, lack of phase, voltage limiting and current limiting protection system, thus ensuring the use of intermediate frequency furnace reliability and stability.

Forever aims to provide users with high cost-effective, high-precision, high-quality induction heating furnace and bring more benefits to our customers.


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